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医学:∙1.THW require all healthy citizens to register their bone marrow data and donate marrow when needed.所有健康公民应被强制登记骨髓数据并捐献。∙2.This House believes that animals should not be used as objects of sport and entertainment.动物不应被用作体育或娱乐活动的对象。∙3.TH believes that doctor should never lie to their patients, even for their own good.医生不应在任何时候对病人欺瞒病情。∙4.THW grant those diagnosed with terminal illnesses the right to access treatments that have not completed clinical testing.绝症患者应有权选择使用尚未完成临床测试检验的新药物或疗法。∙5.This house would ban all cosmetic surgeries.美容整形应予以禁止。∙6.THW ask smokers to pay for their own medical expenses.吸烟者不应被提供医疗报销文化:∙1.THW ban time-travel TV series in prime time.应禁止在黄金时间播出穿越电视剧。∙2.THBT copyright of visual media belongs to the subject and not the photographer.影像制品的版权应归属被摄影人员而不是摄影单位。∙3.THW have a Men’s day.庆祝妇女节的同时也应设立男士节。∙4.This house would allow citizens to hide their health condition in job application.公民在求职时可隐瞒健康问题(如心脏病,肝炎,艾滋病等)。∙5.This house would ban beauty pageant.选美比赛应被禁止。∙6.THW ban war simulation games.战争模拟游戏应当被立法禁止。∙7.THS vegetarianism.“素食主义”应当被倡导。教育:∙1.THBT teacher’s pay should be related to student’s performance..教师的工资应与学生的成绩挂钩。∙2.THBT toy companies should not promote gender stereotypes in the production and sale of children toys.玩具公司在生产和销售儿童玩具时不应宣扬性别偏见。∙3.THW allocate college enrollment quota based on each insititution's graduate employment rate.大学的入学名额应基于毕业生的就业率来分配。∙4.THW legalize and subsidize home-schooling.政府应允许并补助家庭教育。∙5.This house believes that high school students should be discouraged from study abroad.高中生应不被鼓励出国留学。∙6.THW admit students whose parents are migrant workers to go to public schools in the city where their parents work.进城务工人员的子女应当得到其务工地的公立学校的接纳。∙7.THW stop gender stereotyping education in schools.学校教育中不允许出现性别偏见(比如男孩应当做工程师,女孩应当做护士)。∙8.十五届China should criminalize academic dishonesty.中国应该对有关学术欺诈行为立法。∙9.十四届All the money currently spent on confucious institutions abroad should be spent instead on alleviating poverty.现在所有投资于海外孔子学院的资金都应该用来缓解贫穷。经济:∙1.THW tax junk food consumption.应就垃圾食品的消费征税。∙2.THW impose taxes on alcohol and cigarettes that go beyond normal sales taxes.应对烟酒征收除常规税种之外的额外税收。∙3.This house believes that government should considerably subsidize automobile companies producing electronic vehicles.政府应大力扶持节能电动车生产。∙4.That we should ban the private ownership of professional sporting clubs.私人所有权的专业体育俱乐部应被禁止。∙5.THW provide parents in rural area financial incentives to bear and raise girls.政府应当用经济手段鼓励农村地区的家庭生养女孩。∙6.十四届Major international cultural events should be awarded exclusively to less developed cities.大型的国际文化项目都应当投放于发展落后的城市。∙7.十五届China should establish an inheritance tax on the rich intended to prevent the transference of wealth between generations.中国应该发布对富有人群的遗产税以避免财产的隔代转移。∙8.十三届The PRC should ban the production, sale and consumption of all tobacco products.中国应该禁止烟草的生产、销售和消费。娱乐:∙1.THW ban media programs broadcasted in local dialects.应禁止所有以方言播出的媒体节目。∙2.This house would ban advertisements that use gender stereotypes.有性别偏见的广告(如苗条女郎的减肥产品)应被禁止。财经管理:∙1.California should substantially increase the minimum wage.加州应大幅提高最低工资水平。∙2.The United States should pay reparations for slavery.美国政府应对奴隶制进行赔偿。∙3.Wealthy people's taxes should be raised and poor people's taxes lowered.应该增加富人税额降低穷人税额。∙4.The government should increase "sin" taxes.政府应该增加罪孽税。∙5.The federal budget deficit is good for Ameriaca.联邦财政赤字对美国有利。∙6.The government should subsidize some businesses and farms.政府应对某些企业和农场进行补助。∙7.All employees should have the right to strike.所有雇员都应有权罢工。∙8.The work week should be shortened to thirty hours.每周工作时间应该缩减至30小时。∙9.This House would end corporate welfare.国会应停止发放公司福利。∙10.This House would set a maximum limit on salaries.国会应设置最高工资限额。∙11.THB the high price of housing should be automatically adjusted by the market. 高房价应由市场自行调节。科技创新:∙1.Junk food should be banned in schools.学校应禁止垃圾食品。∙2.All middle schools should require student uniforms.所有中学应要求学生穿着校服。∙3.School attendance should be voluntary.学校出勤应该采取自愿原则。∙4.Vocational training is more important than liberal arts education.职业训练比人文教育更加重要。∙5.Schools should not use standardized testing.各学校不应采用统一的标准化测试。∙6.The United States should significantly increase space exploration.美国应该大幅提升太空探索力度。∙7.The United States should permit human cloning.美国应该允许人类克隆。∙8.This House would ban all experimentation on animals.国会应禁止所有动物实验。∙9.The government should substantially increase the use of nuclear power.政府应该不断加大核能的利用力度。∙10.Genetically modified foods do more good than harm.转基因食品利大于弊。政治法律:∙1.High oil prices do more good than harm.高油价利大于弊。∙2.Economic growth is more important than environmental protection.经济增长比环境保护更重要。∙3.The possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.拥有核武器是违背伦理道德的。∙4.This house would ban all tobacco advertising.应全面禁止烟草广告。∙5.The United States should have more than two political parties.美国应该拥有两个以上的政党。∙6.THW impose a tax on pollution for private cars.政府应向私家车主征收针对污染的税种。∙7.This House would limit the terms of MPs.英国议会将限制议员的任期。∙8.This House would allow eighteen-year-old be MPs.英国议会将允许18岁公民成为议员。∙9.The United States should ban the death penalty.美国政府应该取消死刑。∙10.THW lower the legal marriage age.应降低法定结婚年龄。∙11.THB parents should not purchases war toys for their children.家长不应购买战争主题的玩具给孩子。社会民生:∙1.The United States should not restrict immigration.美国不应限制移民。∙2.The free press does more good than harm.新闻自由利大于弊。∙3.Possesion of handguns should be made illegal.持有手枪应被定为非法。∙4.This House would ban smoking in public places.国会将禁止在公共场所吸烟。∙5.The government should legalize voluntary euthanasia.政府应将自愿安乐死合法化。∙6.Gun manufacturers should be held liable for gun-related deaths.枪支制造商应对枪击致死事件负责。∙7.All hate speech should be banned.应禁止所有仇恨言论。∙8.California should raise the minimum driving age to eighteen.加州政府应将最低驾车年龄提高至18岁。∙9.Children should have a mandatory curfew.应对儿童实施强制宵禁。∙10.THW ban all experimentation on animals.应全面禁止动物实验。∙11.THB the work week should be shortened to thirty hours.一周工作时间应减为30小时。∙12.THB the retirement age for women should be the same as that for men. 女性的退休年龄应与男性一样。∙人文:1.This House would ban all tobacco advertising.国会将禁止所有烟草广告。∙2.Violent video games should be banned.含暴力内容的电子游戏应被禁止。∙3.Television is a bad influence.电视有不良影响。∙4.Eating meat is unethical.吃肉是不道德的。∙5.Housing should be a basic human right.住房也是基本人权。∙6.Gun manufacturers should be held liable for gun-related deaths.枪支制造商应对枪击致死事件负责。∙7.Ban Boxing.应禁止拳击运动。∙8.Consumers should not purchase SUVs.消费者不应购买SUV。∙9.Urbanization produces misery.都市化造成了苦难。∙10.The invention of gunpowder did more good than harm.火药的发明利大于弊。∙11.THB vocational training is more important than liberal arts education.职业培训比人文科学教育重要。医学健康:∙1.Cigarettes should be illegal.应立法禁烟。∙2.This House believes that good health is a human right.国会认为身体健康也属于人权范畴。∙3.This House would hold tobacco companies liable for the consequences of their prducts. 国会应就烟草产品造成的后果追究烟草公司的责任。∙4.The government should provide universal health care.政府应该提供普遍卫生保健。∙5.THB junk food should be banned in schools.学校应禁止垃圾食品。



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